What Updates Should I Do Before I Sell?
Wednesday - 3/13/2019 3:21 pm
Gayle King

When you put your home on the market, the location and the house itself are not the only factors that contribute to whether you go to the closing table. Major home improvement projects can vastly increase the value of your home, but these projects, such as a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, are often costly, time consuming, and significantly minimize the ways you can interact with your own home during the remodeling period. Some more basic and often overlooked minor home repairs can elevate the value of your home in surprising ways.

According to a study by Remodeling Magazine, replacing the siding on your home earned back 92.8% of the value invested in this project. Replacing the windows and roof also were high on the list of home investments studied, recouping more than 80% of their investment. Replacing the siding, roof, and windows are not glamorous projects. They are not new granite countertops or gleaming new double bathroom vanity paired with a matching clawfoot bath, but these projects matter.


When a buyer comes to look at your home, they expect the little things to work soundly. They want to take a functioning structure and basic working systems for granted. The buyer does not care about a gorgeous new kitchen if they aren't guaranteed a dry basement and functioning furnace.

These projects seem a little mundane, and this post is not sexy or exciting--I know. But what I also know is, that basic functionality promotes a sense of home and sends a message to buyers that you have put time and money into your home. Buyers want to know that they aren’t inheriting someone else’s problems. I promise the mundane and practical will get you to the closing table.