Tip for staging your home for sale
Tuesday - 1/22/2019 5:10 pm
Gayle King


You have spent countless hours preparing your home for sale. Removing all of the items from your countertops and bathroom vanities. Depersonalizing every wall in your house. Removing every shampoo bottle and soap dispenser. Freshening up the bathrooms with new towels.

However there is one thing in all of your home staging and preparation that requires a daily upkeep and that is your floors; hourly pet dust bunnies seem to appear out of the blue, and little feet track in everything. And inevitably a realtor calls with a perspective buyer to see your home when you are at work and all you can do is panic and worry because you didn’t have time to run the vacuum for that fresh vacuumed look before you left for work.


Don’t fret! Have a robot do it for you! As a realtor who has been listing homes for years, I try to recommend products to my clients that I think will help them with their busy lives and make home showings go a little smoother.

Have your home ready to go even when you can’t be there. Relax knowing that pet hair and last night’s dinner crumbs are not on the kitchen floor. This wireless robotic vacuum can be programmed to start and finish at specific times of the day. It works on almost any flooring. It has HEPA filters to help with pet orders and dust particles.  I recommend this product found on Amazon. Check out the reviews and free shipping if you are a Prime Member.

This is a life saver for anyone selling their home and can’t be at home to constantly keep up with the vacuuming.

Amazon Pure Clean Robot Vacuum