What’s Up Loudoun

Saturday - 8/4/2018 12:59 pm By Gayle King

September; Labor day, summer starts turning quietly into fall, football is on every TV in the house, the kids are back in school, the pressure of soaking up every last minute of summer is gone, and everything seems to slow down. September is a great month, one of my favorites. If I could describe September with one word ... Read

Tips and Tricks for a smooth move!

Friday - 8/3/2018 1:25 pm By Gayle King

GREAT NEWS! I was able to sell your house, quickly and efficiently. We got the asking price, and you feel super excited that you are passing your house on to an awesome new family who will enjoy it as much as you have for the past 10 years. Insert smiling emoji, life is good. Then it ... Read

Gearing up for the Fall Real Estate Market

Sunday - 7/15/2018 8:19 pm By Gayle King

The real estate market is still experiencing low inventory. – but Fall is only a few short weeks away and a great time to sell your home! I know we will all miss the long, sunny, lazy, days of summer. But we have so much to look forward to – getting the kids ready for ... Read

What’s Up Loudoun?

Tuesday - 7/10/2018 3:59 pm By Gayle King

It’s MID JULY – halfway through summer – and that means our kiddos are almost back in school – YIPPIE….whoops did I just say that out loud?!  But….that also means we have only a few weeks to soak up the rest of summer before the leaves start the fall, the weather starts to shift, and ... Read